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A journal of my knitting projects and experiences.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Kid Serta

The Kid Serta I bought over the weekend is knitting up nicely, but I wouldn't say it is easy to knit with. I have started the Branching Out scarf 3 times. I'm on my fourth time and so far things are going fine. I think I finally have it figured out. If I finish this scarf ok, I may have to knit some for Christmas presents. I can't believe I'm already thinking that far ahead, but I am a slow knitter, so the sooner I think about these things, the better.

I should be ready to sew up the felted bag by this weekend. The problem is, am I going to have time? I also need to get started on the second sock of the Lithuanian Amber Socks. It seems the second sock is always neglected, at least with me anyways.

I have decided I would like to learn how to spin. Jessica has suggested I start with a drop spindle and see how I do. I think that is a good idea, and I plan to buy one this weekend along with some wool. I think I need to move into a bigger place to accommodate my knitting!


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