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A journal of my knitting projects and experiences.


Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Remodel Continues

The tile has been replaced, the walls have been painted and the sink and cabinet are new. I don't want to show the after picture until everything is back in its place. Scott still has the molding to put on and the doors need to be re attached, and of course the new shower curtain needs to be hung. Normally a bathroom remodel wouldn't be very exciting to me, but this is the first place we have owned, so to be able to re do a room the way we want is a luxury.

I am still knitting on the felted bag. I have been a bit under the weather so I am not knitting as much as I would like. I am not going to post a picture of my progress yet, as it is not very interesting. I think I must be the slowest knitter in the world!


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