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A journal of my knitting projects and experiences.


Saturday, May 14, 2005

A Little Light Reading

I'm back, after major computer problems! I'm lucky that Scott is a computer wiz and could fix the problem. Nothing frustrates me more than not being able to get on line. Now that the computer problem is fixed, I can get back to blogging.

I went a little crazy yesterday and bought several knitting books I have been wanting. I now have enough patterns to keep me busy for the next several years. Well, maybe not the way I seem to get lots of projects started. Now if I could just get them finished! I am making progress on the Sable Brown Sweater and the Retro Rib Socks. I will post pictures maybe later today. I also need to start another felted bag for a friend of mine. I won't be posting pictures of that project as it will look just the same as the red one I knit my niece last month.

Tomorrow I will be taking a drop spindle lesson. I am very excited. People ask me why I want to spin my own yarn, they don't understand why I just don't buy it at the yarn shop. Boy, have they got a lot to learn!

I will be hobbling around this weekend as I have an injured toe. It really is painful, so painful I went to see the Dr. yesterday. She put the blame on my shoes and insists that I buy a new pair. So it looks like after my drop spindle class, I will be shoe shopping. I don't like to complain about my health, but it really hurts!


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