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A journal of my knitting projects and experiences.


Tuesday, March 08, 2005

No Knitting

Today is one of the few days where I actually did not knit. It is rare as I find it a nice way to unwind at the end of a day. Today I was just too busy.

It has also been a bit of an unsettling day. There was a murder this morning a block away from us. Seems a man killed his father with an ax. Also, Mt. St. Helens erupted, but the ash did not come our way, thank goodness!

I am still waiting to hear about the job I have interviewd for, I should know in the next few days. I hope I get it, I would love to work in downtown Seattle again.

Tomorrow, I will try to make up for my lost knitting time today and work extra long on my many projects.


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