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A journal of my knitting projects and experiences.


Sunday, February 27, 2005

I Want to Cry

Frogging, frogging and more frogging! That is what I have been doing this weekend on Scott's sweater. It seems I knit a couple of rows and then see a mistake I made several rows back and have to rip out several rows, putting me way back from the last picture I posted. I decided my problem was I have been knitting it on straight needles and can't see my work very well. Really, stockinett stitch shouldn't be that hard! I am switching to circular needles and hope that will make it easier. The back of a very simple sweater is taking way too long.


  • At 2:06 PM, Blogger Mac said…

    I'm about to take up knitting, myself. I don't own a store-bought/machine-made sweater. I do have a treasure trove of sweaters my mother has knit me over many years.

  • At 2:26 PM, Blogger bende said…

    Don't give do beautiful work! One of these days soon, I will attempt the same kind of sweaters!


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