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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Free Patterns

When I first started knitting the internet wasn't around. We had to pay for all of our knitting patterns, which made knitting very expensive. Now that the internet is here, people can share there patterns and many do for free. I would like to share some of my favorite free knitting patterns available on the web.

Patterns I have knit:

Chihuahua Sweater: This website has a basic dog sweater that you can modify to fit a dog of any size. It is a quick knit and very easy. There are many variations you can make of this sweater.

VW Hat: Found on one of my favorite sites, There are many free patterns found on this site as well as instuctional videos. The videos have helped me out in a pinch when I wasn't able to get to a knitting store for help.

Irish Hiking Scarf: This scarf is simple and knits up fast. The pattern is beautiful and it makes a great gift.

Button Hole Bag: This I knit as a gift for my sister. It is a great project for a beginner as it is felted making it very forgiving of mistakes.

There are many other free patterns I would like to knit and probably will. Most of them can be found at . There are many free patterns to be found on the net, I will share more as I find them.


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