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Sunday, October 07, 2007

Remedy Tea

Last week Cast Off met at Remedy Tea. It is a wonderful tea house on Capitol Hill that literally has hundreds of teas to choose from. The atmosphere is very contemporary and it is a great place to meet friends.

Lots of knitting was accomplished by all. Kat and Amy were working hard on their projects. Kat is making a sweater and Amy was finishing a hat.

I am working on the sleeves of my blue striped sweater. I will be wearing it soon! Here it is in a giant pile. When it is done, there will be better photos.

My indoor photography could use some work. I think my next class will be lighting.

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  • At 6:31 PM, Anonymous Amy said…

    Hi Wendy--I really like bouncing the flash when indoors, rather than pointing it directly at your subjects. It produces much softer results. Since you were so close to us, you could have either pointed the flash straight up to bounce off the ceiling, or bounced it off any of the nearby walls. Also, when that close to your subjects, you might want to experiment with dialing down the strength of your flash. It's tricky, but really worth learning! If you have an evening to kill sometime, we could practice indoor photography together. It's good to get some immediate feedback!

    I'd totally love to take a lighting much to learn :)

    Good luck with the applesauce too!

  • At 5:42 AM, Blogger pipershots said…

    hi there. stumbled onto your site looking for crochet help. I'm also a photography nut. Flash is a pain. I prefer natural light indoors if possible. Use a big window and a reflector. Also, if you're looking for a lighting class, check out my pal Charlie Borland's class at PPSOP or any of the great courses at Hoping to learn more about crochet here. I have been knitting a couple of years and still have nothing but unfinished sweaters and lots and lots of straight knit/purl scarves. Any help with crochet would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! piper
    ck out my site:

  • At 5:47 AM, Blogger pipershots said…

    Hi Wendy. Stumbled onto your site in my search for crochet enlightenment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As for the photography, your lighting looks intense enough, try changing your white balance to cut the yellow tint. Otherwise, ditch the flash and use a big window and a reflector! :) My favorite way to light whenever possible. When not possible, I agree with Amy--bouncing the flash is best. You can also use a diffuser to 'dial down' the intensity. Digital is great for experimenting. I sometimes wonder how the heck film shooters ever managed getting it right.


  • At 5:53 AM, Blogger pipershots said…

    Hi Wendy. I think your light intensity looks about right. Try changing up your camera's white balance to cut the yellow tint. Otherwise, I'm a big fan of natural window light and a reflector for inside shots. In addition to Amy's advice, you can also use a diffuser on your flash (make your own with white printer paper and tape!) to help cut the hot spots you can get with flash.

    Stumbled onto your site while looking for crochet help. Any suggestions, links, etc. would be greatly appreciated. I am a novice knitter but would like to learn crochet.



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